Waking up like a great rock song

I’m sure you know that feeling. You’re feeling a little down or maybe just flat. Nothing’s wrong as such. It’s just that each moment is a little too like the last.

We’ve all been there, I think.

Even excitement becomes boring when it’s monotonous.

And then…

The perfect rock song comes on.

And it’s like a jolt of electricity right into every nerve.

Few things clear the cobwebs like the right song at the right moment.

Speaking of cobwebs, what if every morning were like that? Or at least a few of them, right? Because if you’re anything like me, mornings aren’t exactly the brightest time of the day. And I don’t mean literally… although there’s that, too.

How different would life be if you exploded out of bed, instead of dragging numb, heavy legs across the carpet?

I can’t promise this’ll happen every morning. I’m certainly not there – not yet, at least.

But you can get a lot closer to this.

Because wouldn’t getting even a taste of that be worth something to you?

And the more you focus on this, the hungrier you become to tackle your day.

And you know what?

The secret to living like that is in part 1 of the Monster Mind Edukaré program.

And that’s 1 of 19…

So what will you get when you complete the other 18?

That’s why I reckon this is one of the best programs on the market. It sure is long, and it all delivers. Like a classic song, there’s nothing worth fastforwarding.

You can see the full list of everything you can improve here:


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