Want mental resilience? Learn from the master

The fear of death can overshadow everything.

Everything, that is, except nature.

Every organism will strive to survive, except where its death serves a greater purpose. Think a mamma bear that fights to the end to protect her cubs.

Or, more gruesomely, a mamma spider that gives her body as food for her baby swarm.

Creatures and ecosystems can adapt and plan, following instincts that look a lot like intelligence. What they don’t seem to do is consciously think about the future.

If you never consider the future, you never consider your own death. Not until you have more pressing things to focus on, anyway.

So, is that the answer? Dissolve your conscious mind and live solely in the moment?

Well, maybe.

But if that seems a tad extreme for your tastes, (it does for mine,) there are other things nature does that are right up your alley.

Easier mindsets to adopt abound.

It’s simple to learn these. I’m not going to say they’re right under your nose – although maybe they are. They’re never far away, though.

To forge a stronger mind in the flames of nature, follow the advice on pages 21-22 of Phronesis Accelerator’s February issue:


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