A Werewolf’s Guide to Heroism

A Werewolf’s Guide to Heroism

I have another Halloween-themed joke for you. I doubt I’m the first to come up with it, though I don’t remember hearing it elsewhere. It’s great because, like all great jokes, it has a deeper wisdom.

Are you ready for it?

Q: What does a werewolf want out of life?

A: Well, it depends on the time of month.

See, a werewolf’s values change with the moon. Sometimes he’s a savage, unthinking monster, and sometimes he’s a werewolf.

(Zing! Two jokes for the price of one. Humans are the real monsters, hahaha, really makes you think, etc.)

Now here’s the wisdom.

A friend texted me today to tell me of another group of careless duck pedestrians near my place. Unlike the earlier time, I didn’t leap into action straight away. No, my mind leapt into excuses mode.

But I just got home.

I have a schedule to keep.

Don’t I do enough to help people and animals?

They’re just ducks.

Each excuse a tempting anchor to keep me in place. With the first group of ducks, I was going to save them no matter what. With this group, I didn’t want to get off my comfy chair. Like a werewolf, my values not only transformed – they inverted.

But I did get up. I raced down the street, looking for ducks playing chicken with cars. No puns intended. By the time I got there, the ducks were gone, with no sign of any of them having met untimely ends.

So I didn’t help. That’s okay – I showed up.

And that gap between showing up and not wanting to show up is a fascinating thing. My instincts and emotions told me to stay. Some higher value told me to go. My conscious mind weighed in, sided with my values and drove me to action.

This is the lesson werewolves teach us – yes, we change from day to day. Sometimes we’re inspired and sometimes we’re selfish. But unlike the monsters from myth, we humans have the ability to override our thoughts.

We can choose, in the moment, to be better – to be heroic.

It’s always a choice.

In time, that choice becomes easier. One day, it stops being something we think about and becomes something we do.

We call this process ‘learning’. It’s something natural to all of us.

So while “study tips” help, they don’t capture the heart of it. Learning isn’t about setting timers or using highlighters – it’s something that happens deep inside your mind.

And that part of you can either be open and ready to learn… or not.

Like everything else, this too is a choice. And it’s easy once you know how, which you can by clicking the link below:


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