What blinds a god?

In Norse mythology, Odin is not what he might seem. If you think of Marvel, you think of Thor and Loki being the ones who get their hands dirty.

If you compare him to Greece’s Zeus, you might think he sits back, maybe throwing lightning or turning into an animal.

Odin is… a little crazy.

Like how he became one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He mastered the mysteries of magic by sacrificing himself.

Yeah, he sacrificed himself in a ritual.

And even weirder than surviving that is he sacrificed himself… to himself.

I won’t judge because it clearly worked out for him.

The other story I like is how he lost his eye. He’s famously one-eyed, but what happened to the other?

Did he battle a god?

Did some mighty mortal rise up and injury Odin?

No, nothing like that.

He sacrificed his eye in a separate ritual to gain immense wisdom.

That’s what can blind Odin – Odin himself.

And if wisdom ever needed a glowing endorsement… well, that’s it. It’s worth losing a divine eye over.

How can we mere mortals become more wise?

And preferably remain physically intact?

Well, that depends on how you define wisdom.

Is it to know yourself, like the Oracle at Delphi said?

Is it to act in accordance with your values, instead of being seduced by lesser instincts?

How about intelligence plus street smarts and common sense?

Either way, self-hypnosis can clear out the junk in your head that blocks you from this. It undoes the lessons that need undoing, while reinforcing everything that aligns with your virtues.

It’s similar to meditation, and is easier (and more fun) to learn.

Speaking of learning it, here’s the best way to clear your mind… more literally than most people mean when they say that.

Sacrifice a few skin cells from your pointer finger by following the link below:


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