What does stress cost you each week?

I’m not even talking about indirect costs here.

Stuff like weakened health, weakened relationships, weakened energy.

Being focused, calm and healthy are priceless.

But even putting all that to one side…

What does stress cost you, week by week, in purely financial terms?

To figure that out, consider the price of:

  • all the junk food you don’t want to eat but crave too strongly,
  • alcohol, partying and eating out, including transport to and from these places,
  • distractions like TV subscriptions, video games and mindless apps,
  • entertainment of the adult variety,
  • gambling,
  • smoking,
  • medication for minor ailments – the sort that disappear when you get enough rest and self-care,
  • retail therapy and conspicuous consumption,
  • and anything you do not because you want to but you kinda need to, just to blow off steam.

These things take time, rob you of productive moments, and potentially undermine your health and relationships. But even ignoring all that… what are the maintenance costs for your sanity?

I’m not saying you should never do these things. If nothing else, that’d be wildly hypocritical of me.

But let me ask you this:

If you couldn’t give up everything on that list for a week or two without tearing your hair out… then stress costs you whatever all that costs you.

And all this?

It can easily add up to hundreds of dollars a week.

Heck, it can cost hundreds of dollars a night on some of these.

And, while they make excellent distractions, they tend to not be great at helping you relax.

(Who honestly feels better after bingeing on fried potato, mindless TV and cheap booze?)

What if there was a better way, though?

What if, for a fraction of the cost, you could deeply, genuinely relax?

I’m not saying it’ll immediately and permanently eliminate your cravings for your usual coping mechanisms. But it will reduce your need for them.

And the more you do it, the more effective it becomes.

You might not think of the Neural Reset as something that saves you money.

But maybe you should…

If you’d like to truly relax in a healthy, wholesome and enriching way – for less than a night of dinner and drinks will cost you – then the best way is to sign up for the Neural Reset here:


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