What does your unconscious want?

What does your unconscious want?

Your unconscious mind is vast, mysterious and powerful. It controls all of your automatic processes, from beating your heart to processing your vision. And then there’s your memories, your habits and those beliefs which you don’t even know you have.

Plus your emotions.

Plus your immune system.

And… well, you get the idea. If you do it but you can’t control it, it’s your unconscious.

But here’s a question:

What does your unconscious want?

It does all of this stuff – billions of times what you’re consciously aware of. But why? What’s it get out of this?

Your unconscious mind has simple intentions – basically, it wants to keep you alive. That means keeping your organs running, monitoring the world for threats (and opportunities), and making sure your tribe doesn’t hate you.

How it decides to do this is complex.

No one fully understands it.

What we know is sometimes your unconscious gets confused.

Take phobias, for example.

As a child, you learn that (say) puppy dogs are terrifying. And you never unlearn it. So when a poodle tries to lick your hand, your unconscious detects danger and activates the fear response.

When facing a threat, fear makes sense. That’s your unconscious trying to help you out and almost succeeding, yet utterly failing.

When you violate your tribe’s norms, shame makes sense too. Your unconscious is trying to keep you from getting kicked out.

Bad habits are solutions to a problem you don’t have anymore.

When it comes to your unconscious, the intention is always good. The actions might be horrifying, destructive or just plain dumb, but the intention is good.

And that’s what all forms of therapy are about – training your unconscious to follow a better pattern.

To have good results, not just good intentions.

But it can be hard to reach your unconscious. That’s why many psychotherapists say it can take over six months to cure a phobia.

And why competent hypnotists say it can take 20 minutes.

That’s what happens when you open the mind and work directly where you need to.

Speaking of hypnosis, I just happen to have a stash of audios for you. These work on your unconscious and make changes where you need them. If you’re sick of trying to think your way through the problem, this is what you need.

And you can get at them for whatever you want to pay.

Here’s the link:


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