What if there are no introverts?

You probably know the definitions of introvert and extrovert:

An extrovert is someone who gets energised by social interactions and an introvert is someone who feels drained by them.

With that handy little guide, you’ve probably categorize yourself as one or the other.

But if you’ve called yourself an introvert, what if that’s not what’s actually happening?

I think about some moments in the past, times where things would drain me.

Like when I was younger, going to school felt weirdly exhausting. I didn’t know why. It shouldn’t have – there was nothing that was too taxing about it, but at the end of the day, I’d feel wrecked.

The same sort of thing would happen when I’d go for a walk around the block. I was physically capable of that and so much more. This was while I was a keen tennis player, so it’s not like I was out of shape. But by the end of it, I would just feel ready to curl up on the couch and nap.

It took me ages to figure out that I was feeling tense during these situations.

When I learned to just relax, then I was able to do these things and have energy to spare. I would come home after a walk or off to school and I would feel energised, once I let go of all that tension.

And the same thing was happening with my social interactions.

I had called myself an introvert because I’d always feel tired after hanging out with people, but then I realised I was just feeling tense while talking with people.

Again, when I learned to relax while chatting, suddenly I switched, by that definition, from being introvert to an extrovert.

A handy solution, no doubt.

But why was I feeling tense?

Because I was socially anxious. Being around people, I was worried about saying the wrong thing, obsessing a little about what they thought of me, doing my best to be interesting and charismatic (and generally failing at both).

So, what if your introversion isn’t introversion at all?

What if it’s actually social anxiety?

Taking this to its extreme, what if introversion doesn’t even exist? We’ve just called it the wrong thing this entire time.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t take some alone-time to rest and recharge. Trust me, I’d never say that.

But if you need to veg out after dealing with people all day, maybe it’s because you’re approaching it the wrong way.

Maybe if you learned how to relax your body and mind, dealing with people would be easy.

Maybe even refreshing.

This is how hypnosis can help you. When people exhaust you, maybe that’s just because you have some bad habits. Habits aren’t conscious – that’s the whole point of them – which makes them unconscious.

Which makes them in the domain of hypnosis.

If you want to change how others make you feel by the end of the day, either the Neural Reset or the Alleviate Anxiety program will help you.

Here’s how to sign up to both:


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