“But what if trance is dangerous?”

I remember… oh, a year and a half ago or so. I was chatting with a close friend, talking about hypnosis and trances.

During this talk I mentioned how, thanks to my training, I spontaneously drop into trances sometimes.

That made them concerned.

What if that happens while driving?

It’s a valid concern and I’m not going to say there’s zero risk.

But focusing on that is missing the point.

Sure, you could drop into a trance behind the wheel.

Just like you could fall asleep.

Or have a sneezing fit or a hundred other problems.

So I’ll say this:

For the vast, vast majority of folk, this isn’t and will never be a problem. Your unconscious drops you into trance only when there’s downtime. It’s sort of like how you can run around all day, taking care of the office, your groceries and dinner… and not feel tired until you sit on the couch.

That fatigue was always there.

Your unconscious kept it from you because you were busy.

Then, when you were ready to feel it, you crashed.

Now, sure, not everyone works that way. Some folk will feel exhausted in the middle of everything else.

They might drop into a trance during inopportune moments.

Even if they do, though… well, most trances are fine for that. If you drive the typical amount, I guarantee you’ve done this already – with or without training in trances. This is how you get that classic effect of jumping into your car, turning the ignition, then… finding yourself arriving at work.

You blanked out, went on autopilot then had amnesia about the experience.

That’s a hypnotic trance.

And if you focus your training on it, you can make this less likely to occur.

So I’m not going to say it’s completely harmless… but hypnosis is far safer than you might think. And far safer than any of the appliances in your home – unlike your toaster, your unconscious has intelligence that wants to keep you safe.

If you expect perfection, then this isn’t for you.

For everyone else, you can learn how to hypnotise yourself – from the basics to a legendary level.

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