What isn’t neurolinguistic programming (NLP)?

Bring up NLP and you’ll get a few responses:

“Isn’t that that thing where you analyse text using computers?” That’s natural language processing – although you’re not wrong, since that’s also NLP.

“Isn’t it that thing where you, like, mimic someone’s body language to get them to like you?”


“Isn’t it that weird hypnosis thing?”

Not as such, no.

There are plenty of techniques associated with NLP. Certain language patterns and physical gestures come right out of the playbook of any intro to it.

And, yes, a lot of those techniques are hypnotic.

But those techniques, whether or not they work for you, aren’t NLP.

Neurolinguistic programming is the study and replication of experiences. These techniques came out of the field, perhaps, but they aren’t the field.

A meal isn’t the chef who made it.

Yesterday, I talked about tactics. I wasn’t talking on the behavioural level – the techniques that an expert uses to achieve a goal. I was talking on the mental level – the neurological level.

What goes on inside their head.

What they think and what they perceive.

Nail that and it’s easier to learn their mysterious ways, even when they don’t know how they do it themselves. When you can read and decode someone’s mental tactics, their gut instincts become clear.

It works the other way, too. When you struggle with something and it’s not clear why, the answer lies in how you think and what you notice, before you even notice what you notice.

This is how even weak advice like “look on the bright side!” can work (I say ‘can’). It changes what you focus on, which changes everything else.

Used with greater artistry and sophistication, this approach can unravel your problems at their source. Imagine hearing exactly what you need to hear to unleash your potential.

Then imagine hearing it every week for six months.

This isn’t the only thing you’ll experience if you sign up for Platinum Coaching. Even if it was, though, you’d find it more than worth your time and effort.

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