Yeah but what kind of addictive is it?

There are two sorts of addictive.

Let’s consider the first:

You crave this most when you’re down.

It takes the edge off, but you quickly need another hit. Enough never seems like enough.

It gives you a sharp high followed by a crash.

Go without, you feel awful. If you push through that, you start to feel better.

Now consider the second sort:

You crave it when you’re feeling good.

It deeply satisfies you. Even a small amount helps get you through the day. More is better, but not essential.

Going without makes you feel flat. If you keep going without, you’ll feel worse and worse until you rediscover it.

It gives you a natural high that easily lasts all day.

The first sort includes many drugs, but also things like junk food, gambling, video game binges…

The second includes things like exercise, music, meditation…

So when I say the Neural Reset is addictive, you know I mean the good kind.

If you want a sweet, sweet taste that’ll make you feel so good, sign up for a session:

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