Hang on… what kind of distancing is it?

Ask any hypnotist: words, especially labels, have power.

Someone who’s stubborn and intelligent is a jerk, while someone intelligent and stubborn gets the job done.

The word ‘baby’ warms your heart, while the word ‘infant’ produces a knowing nod.

If you say you think I’m handsome, that’s sweet (maybe). If you say you find me subjectively attractive, I wonder if you’re trying this ‘negging’ thing but haven’t figured it all out yet.

I worked with a client once who said they felt trapped in a pit. When I asked them if the pit was actually a tunnel, they became enlightened.

You know what? Scratch that – you don’t have to ask a hypnotist if words have power. Ask a writer, politician, motivational speaker, boss, leader or parent if they do.

The right word in the right place can change everything.

What can the wrong word do?

Well, we’re living it.

Back when the powers-that-be unveiled the countermeasures, one of them was to keep a reasonable distance between yourself and others.

They could have called it distancing – short, simple, to the point.

Or physical distancing, if they wanted more specificity.

Or safe distancing, if they wanted to put a little spin on it. I’d have issues with that, but it still would have been better than what we got:

Social distancing.

The term doesn’t make sense. The advice was to keep a physical separation, not break off contact with your social group. You can’t defend it by saying it’s accurate – it’s not.

It’s also psychologically appalling.

Words have power – and the power of ‘social distancing’ is to needlessly increase a sense of loneliness.

Some conspiracy speculators say this was deliberate. The entire point of the lockdowns was to break our spirits, make us vulnerable and see just how compliant we can be.

Maybe – but if so, they bungled their comms in other ways. We’re either dealing with an incompetent WHO or an incompetent Chinese Shadow Congress, and I don’t know which would be worse.

Either way, whether by accident or design, the lockdowns have been excessively damaging to everyone’s psyche.

Even if you feel ‘fine’ or ‘normal’ (or worse, the ‘new normal’) – and even if you, sensibly, abstain from too much news and social media – you now have a warped view of the world and yourself.

Unless you’ve taken psychological countermeasures, that is.

You can reclaim the parts of yourself you’ve lost… and even make them stronger.

And you can do it without violating any of these new rules, laws and restrictions.

Here’s how you bring back your pride, purpose, respect and hope for the future:


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