What part of you goes into a hypnotic trance?

What part of you goes into a hypnotic trance?

Fair warning: this article is speculative af.

We know that people can enter hypnotic trances. If there was ever any doubt, brain scans cleared that up. You can watch the brain waves, electrical activity and blood flow dramatically change on the screen before you.

So, good – we know you can enter a trance.

But which part of you?

You might be tempted to say “the conscious mind” or “the unconscious mind”. Okay, fair enough. That raises further questions, like what part of you is the conscious part?

Because, when you start pulling on that thread, the boundaries get a little blurry.

What if I asked you which part of the body goes into a trance?

It’s tempting to say the brain. I did just give a spiel about Your Brain on Hypnosis.

But what if the brain isn’t the only part that goes into a trance?

Or even the first bit?

Consider – we’re now learning our bodies store and create emotions. For me, anger comes in the direct centre of my chest while anxiety comes lower down, closer to my belly button. The urge to work seems to manifest around my shoulders and upper chest.

If I spend some time with this, I can map each emotion to where it lives inside me.

What about trance?

Sometimes I feel that in my mind – directly behind my forehead.

And sometimes it’s more in my hands or the base of my spine.

That, right there, suggests what we call ‘trance’ is several related phenomena.

Then again, maybe not. Like I say, this is speculation.

If that’s too theoretical for your tastes, then let’s get practical:

If you have something in your mind – a bad habit, a piece missing, a nervous tick – you can use trance to resolve it.

Especially if you know where in the body it seems to live.

And you can use trance to replace it with something better.

Only if you know how to create and navigate it, though.

Fortunately, I have the perfect guide here. It starts off assuming you know nothing about how to hypnotise yourself. By the end, you’ll know life changing techniques that few practitioners seem to know.

From there, with a bit of work, you can change anything you don’t like in your mind.

I go into more detail here. If that sounds handy for you, here’s a link you should probably investigate:


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