What to be instead of positive

If you spend any time on Facebook, Instagram or similar, you probably see someone who posts like this:

90% of what they write is so saccharine it messes with your insulin levels. They use hashtags like #blessed to talk about how amazing the miracle of each breath powering each moment is.

The other 10%?

That’s them losing their cool, venting and ranting over whatever.

Once upon a time, someone told them to “be positive”.

And they were foolish enough to take it to heart.

Being positive isn’t bad advice as such. I mean, it beats being a miseryguts. Except when it’s forced. Positive thinking is not the only thing you need to do to live a great life.

I’m not saying don’t be positive. It’s within your power and it does make a difference.

But if you force yourself to smile through each moment…

Well, it comes out it dramatic outbursts. Hence these moodswinging lunatics cluttering up your feed with inspirational quotes interspersed with white-hot rage.

And if I’m describing you here?

Excellent news – I’m about to set you free.

Instead of forcing yourself to be positive, here’s an easy and much more rewarding option:

Be focused.

Find something worthy of your time and attention, and give them to it.

It might be your family.

It might be a cause.

Whatever it is, focus on it. Figure out how you can support it. Instead of wasting time complaining on social media, think about what you can do – right now – to make all that a little better.

When you start thinking like this, you’ll naturally become more positive. And more interesting, too. You’ll no longer be a two-string guitar, spouting about how magical or horrible life is. No, you’ll have something real to say.

Like all advice, you’re free to ignore it.

What I will say is this:

Your focus is one of your greatest mental tools. Finding something worthy to focus on changes everything.

And your first step might be to focus on you.

To focus on your focus.

Doing that lays the foundation for everything else.

So get your trowel and start laying:


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