What’s better than a free meditation guide?

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Subscribers to my email list receive a free sample of Unlock the Vault: The Art of Self-hypnosis. This sample has a few cool tricks for quickly and easily putting yourself into a trance. Whether you want to learn better, focus, relax or delete a bad habit, it’s easier in a trance.

But I decided that I could offer more. Samples a great, but what I should be offering is a complete product.

I’m putting the final touches on my newest eBook: Mastery & Meditation. Many high performers from all disciplines – from executives to artists to athletes – use some sort of meditative practice. I’m not surprised, given its benefits.

Any meditation practice improves your mind. This guide gives you specific exercises to make these benefits even better. Mastery & Meditation includes:

  • proven tips on how to meditate (even if you’ve struggled with it in the past),
  • an easy way to tap into “the power of geniuses”,
  • how your mind keeps your body healthy,
  • a technique for relaxing in any situation,
  • the ancient practice that makes people enjoy being around you
  • what neuroscience says about enhancing your creativity,
  • how to get more of what you want (no matter what that is),
  • one psychologist’s surprising way to destroy any emotion,
  • improving confidence through playing to your brain’s strengths.

These are big claims, so there are references to the works of doctors, psychologists and researchers throughout.

Existing subscribers will receive a copy of Mastery & Meditation as soon as it’s done. Once it’s ready for uploading, the free sample of Unlock the Vault disappears.

But here’s the rub: I don’t know when I’ll be happy with Mastery & Meditation. It might be a week from now. It might be tomorrow. Who knows. All I know is if you want both free products, you had better subscribe before it’s too late.

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