When craving adventure is a symptom

Yesterday, I talked about ruts.

How being in one is like being trapped.

It’s a subtle prison, where everything looks normal except it’s all a little greyer. There’s nothing interesting or exciting because it’s all the same stuff you’ve seen before.

A normal response – indeed, a healthy one – is to find yourself craving excitement. Maybe even craving adventure. You just want to jump in the car, pick a direction and drive.

There’s too much clutter back here.

You want to rise above it all and be free.

So maybe you do just that. You take some time off, buy a plane ticket and head for adventure.

Maybe you find what you need out there.

Perhaps your trip is a refreshing break from it all… but the rut is still here, waiting for you when you return.

Or you might even take the rut with you.

Then again, maybe you couldn’t even escape in the first place. If you have commitments here – family, work or whatever – then maybe that’s an idle fantasy.

Speaking of fantasy, though…

There are several ways you can use your mind to escape.

I don’t mean daydreaming when you should be working.

I mean using the power of your mind to break free of the traps bolting you in place.

This is what folk seek – consciously or unconsciously – when they indulge in “bad” behaviour. Gambling, emotional eating, drugs, even more ‘normal’ things like bingeing TV shows and playing video games.

Except those are distractions.

Like the exciting holiday, the rut remains, waiting for you to return.

When you use your mind properly, though?

You face the problem.

You deal with it – maybe temporarily, maybe for good, but either way you aren’t ignoring it.

Then you grow as a person, just a little bit.

It’s cheaper than most holidays.

Less hassle, too.

A whole lot more good for you… and the sort of thing you can carry with you.

What exactly am I talking about?

I lay it all out here:


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