When darkness defeats darkness

You’ve heard the story before:

Darkness doesn’t dispel darkness – only light can.

What that means is you can’t fight hate, fear and anger with more hate, fear and anger. It takes love, compassion and understanding to do that.

No arguments here.

But that’s the funny thing about metaphors…

Darkness doesn’t only refer to the bad emotions. It can also refer to a stillness and an emptiness at the heart of your mind.

A perfectly calm mind, free of ego, can defeat hatred and loathing.

It stops you feeling it in yourself.

It can also shut it down in others. When someone spews toxic bile towards people, they expect them to agree or fight back. Ignoring or engaging them, free of ego, breaks that pattern.

Hatred needs fuel to burn and spread. It can’t find it in a truly darkened mind.

Like I say, metaphors are funny. ‘Your inner darkness’ can refer to different things, one of which is the remedy for the other.

Still, emptying your mind of all thought and ego, even for a moment, can be confronting. Many experienced meditators know what I mean – there’s a point where you can go too deep, coming face-to-face with this gnawing, existential emptiness.

It’s a powerful thing. When you become nothing, you can become anything.

It’s also intense enough to scare away even some monks.

That’s why I only cover how to access it in module 17 – right towards the end of Monster Mind Edukaré. Everything leading up to it is preparation for it.

Begin your preparation here:


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