When discipline is easy

When discipline is easy

We’re approaching New Years’ Eve – the time of setting goals. Does that fill you with excitement – the thought of a fresh start? Or does it remind you how you struggle to achieve things? Are you indifferent about change or are you driven to rise even further?

Discipline – it’s something we could all use a little more of. We see the self-starters every day – the ones who hit the gym, work on their businesses and invest in their education. They make discipline look easy.

What if it is easy, though?

What if successful people do something really simple that makes discipline simple?

After all, I’m sure there’s something you do that looks tough to others. For example, you’re reading this and I often struggle to stay on top of my reading. I don’t know how you came across this, but I doubt it was by doing something pointless and bad.

What else can I say but keep it up?

Well, how about: you can learn to make everything else that easier.

Hitting the gym? For many people, it’s harder to skip a day than it is to exercise. They’re not “struggling” to go work out – they simply do it.

Is that learnable?

Can you do that with anything?

Hell yeah you can.

And you can learn how do effortlessly excel at over a dozen valuable traits as simply as listening:


Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

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