When facing existential terror, what do you do?

Here’s a peek into my psyche.

Back when I was really young, I used to have these recurring nightmares. These nightmares were the scariest things I’ve ever experienced – my personal benchmark for pure dread.

If I were to describe them to you, you’d say:

“Okay… when does the scary part happen?”

I don’t really get it either.

The details of it were quite normal, yet it just carried this absolute sense of terror.

I remember the first time I came across Lovecraft’s work and he described Cthulhu as this being of just being beyond human comprehension – one who just fills you with insane fear.

And I remember thinking, that’s just like the creatures from my nightmares.

Anyway, I grew up and I stopped having those dreams.

For about 10 or 20 years, I didn’t even think or feel this way at all.

Then, one day during a hypnotic trance, the feeling started to bubble up.

Now, imagine that you’re just in this really peaceful, blissed out state, then all of a sudden you feel this intense existential terror.

What would your reaction to that be?

Because I can tell you mine.

I thought to myself, “Welcome back, old friend.”

Because that’s what it felt like. Yes, I was terrified out of my mind… but, still, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic for this particular kind of fear.

It was comforting and familiar.

There’s a lesson in there about how you process your emotions. It’s okay to feel sad. Sadness is a perfectly natural response to many, many things. But many people get themselves into trouble because they feel sad, then they feel angry at themselves for feeling sad, and they feel guilty about feeling that anger, and they feel shame about not being able to manage the guilt.

Then they feel even sadder because this whole thing is just getting ridiculous.

You can choose to feel an endless spiral of misery if you want.

Or you can short-circuit that whole process with a Neural Reset.

When you learn to feel your emotions more cleanly, shoving these meta-emotions out of your view, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

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