When it’s impossible to be anxious

Most negative states of mind have something in common. Grief does this and so does frustration.

And anxiety?

You bet your booty it does.

Because when you’re experiencing these emotions, it can feel like you’re handcuffed to a dumbbell and someone swallowed the key.

But you can break these patterns.

You can shatter the chain that binds you.

It’s not a magic cure. If the emotion is strong enough, not a lot can claim to make it all better.

This simple exercise moves you in the right direction.

Anxiety is a fixation on the future. Your mind imagines what’s about to happen and it doesn’t like it.

Grief and frustration work the same way, only they project backwards. You compare what you have to what you had and it comes up short.

When is it impossible to be anxious (or grief-stricken, or frustrated…)?

In the present moment.

When you bring all your attention into the present, nothing else matters. Only the pains of the moment bother you – and, strangely enough, they bother you less.

Like I say, it’s not a perfect solution – mostly because you can’t help but remember and imagine.

Still, it makes a difference.

And it’s something you can practice.

Starting now, if you want – even if you’ve never meditated before.

(Especially if you’ve never meditated before…)

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