When meditation is easier than not meditating

When meditation is easier than not meditating

Your brain is excellent at finding patterns and meaning from signals. Think about how much a friend can convey with a glance. Now think about how your brain receives that glance.

Everything you see is flashes of light that disappear as fast as they appear. Even so, you can see. You can look upon the world and learn about it.

Imagine if you lived in a bunker underground. Every now and then, a monitor flickers with static. That’s what your brain does, times a thousand.

You don’t see reality – you deduce it from data.

But what if there’s no data at all?

Well, then something interesting happens.

You go straight into an altered state of consciousness.

If you’ve struggled with meditation before, pay attention. Without data from the senses, the lens of your focus naturally turns inwards. You can’t stop going to strange places in your mind.

Whether you think frantically or you go calm, either way you begin to enter a meditative trance.

In fact, it’s easy to go inside than it is to resist it.

Even if you don’t know how.

It doesn’t work for everyone, of course. But it works for a whole lotta people. Even better, it gets more effective the more you practice it.

You can become aware of every impulse in your body, from your hairy scalp to your dusty toes. Your mind starts thinking hard and fast in new ways. Sometimes problems begin to shift and dissolve without you ever knowing why.

You don’t need to be a monk to do this. Even smartphone-addicted, sugar-pumped kids can do it.

(In fact, they may find it easier than the rest of us.)

And you can do this right now, at home or on a bus.

All you need is some cheap equipment (maybe $10) you can buy anywhere.

I talk all about it in Your Mind Inside.

It’s not the cheapest meditation guide out there. If that’s a problem, then I wish you well. But when you flip through its pages, you’ll realise how much value I packed into it.

Anyway, sales pitch over.

If you’re interested, it’s easy enough to find:


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