When self-improvement destroys your life

A problem with self-improvement is the age-old problem of language.

Folk use the same term to describe different things.

Because if you want to take a decent life and make it awesome, that’s one thing. It’s easy to do and the stakes are relatively low. If you mess up for a week, you can always catch up.

But if you’re in the pits, it can be a different kettle of fish.

Maybe exercising regularly will pull you out.

Maybe a gratitude journal will do the trick.

You wouldn’t be the first person to find these work wonders.

Or maybe you could use medical intervention. You wouldn’t be the first person to try everything and find that works best.

Either way, falling off your routine for a week has more dramatic consequences.

Anyway, the point is:

Different challenges require different solutions.

Take someone with their manure together and push them to be better – they’ll probably thrive. The same pressure could make someone else collapse.

You see that if you know where to look. Someone hears the reason they’re suffering is they don’t do A. Then they hear they need therapeutic practice B. It works through the whole alphabet pretty quickly. And then it becomes a whole song and dance. There’s the pressure to do more than what they’ve done. There’s the shaming because they obviously didn’t do it right.

This is how the culture around self-improvement can turn pretty toxic.

It can fill up with folk who are smug and judgemental, who victim-shame and think whatever worked for them must work for everyone.

This attitude can amplify all the problems self-improvement solves.

So I’m gonna go real soft on the pitch here – because if you can relate, the last thing you need is yet-another sales letter blaming you for not handing over your money.

My book, Three-Score Navike, contains 60 habits that generally help folk improve their lives.

You can begin any of them this week, if not today.

Maybe some of them will help you.

Maybe not.

But with 60 simple, proven techniques in your arsenal, the odds are stacked in your favour.

Plus it’s affordable and comes with a money-back guarantee.

If that’s not your speed, that’s cool.

If you’d like to give it a whirl, what’s the harm?

Here’s your link:


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