What to do when you have to see your ex

For some, it’s the nightmare situation:

A relationship ends and it still hurts.

You’d love to just move on with your life… but you can’t.

One of the wrinkles?

You still have to see your ex. Maybe even talk to them.

Whether it’s from sharing child custody, having mutual friends or simply living in the same plane of reality, it can be like having the wound in your heart ripped open, fresh, again and again.

It can be painful enough when everything’s civil.

If they poke your buttons, flaunt their new partner or impugn every happy memory you ever shared…?

I get it – it’s awful.

Avoid the losing strategies of learning to hate them or becoming numb to your feelings.

Embrace the winning strategy:

Get over them, to the point where you can treat them like any other person from your distant past.

That might take a few days, if you do it right.

In the meantime?

One of the hypnotic guided meditations in Heartbreak Panacea is perfect for this.

It helps unravel the complex knot of emotions you probably feel about them.

It keeps the happier memories intact, dissolves the anger and sadness, and helps put distance between you and them.

It’s like getting closure, only it doesn’t rely on them doing anything.

Bonus: it actually helps. Seriously, closure is overrated.

If you’re ready to get on with your life and leave all that behind you…

If you want to be seen as the bigger person, less hung up on what was…

… get your hands on this program now:


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