When Your Body Shields You From Attacks

When Your Body Shields You From Attacks

Meditation, hypnosis and similar practices bring your unconscious mind into your conscious awareness.

That’s great, but what does it mean?

And who cares if unconscious material floats into your attention or not?

Those aren’t simple questions. Your unconscious mind controls everything from automatic biological functions (breathing, heart rate, etc) through to complex instincts.

Including those instincts that keep you safe.

The more you listen to your inner mind, the better you can hear that intuition that keeps you out of harm.

I think about this whenever I remember something that happened to me years ago. This isn’t the nicest story so, if you’re squeamish about violence, then consider averting your eyes.

I was riding a crowded bus in the middle of the day. That’s important – this was no darkened alley in the seedy part of town. This was in full sunshine with dozens of folk in spitting distance.

This guy had been riding the bus too. He had made neither peeps, fusses nor scenes. There was nothing remarkable about him. He was maybe on the scruffy side, but so what. I was a university student at the time – people probably thought that about me.

Anyway, for some reason he chose me out of everyone on the bus. He walked up and asked if I had any money. I said, truthfully, no.

And then my arm flew to my face…

… to block his hand that was lunging for my throat.

Now, I hadn’t done any martial arts. No self-defence courses. Nothing like that. I don’t know how I knew what he was about to do. I don’t know how I knew what to do about it.

The great thing about instincts is that you don’t have to know. All you need is to act on them.

Then I got lucky. The bus came to a sudden stop, so he released me to keep his balance. Then he hopped off the bus, turned around and started yelling at the driver. I say ‘yelling’ when it was more like…

Well, it doesn’t matter. Everyone walked away in one piece.

The point is that my unconscious mind detected a threat and diffused it. Meanwhile, my conscious mind was scrambling to catch up. Had I had to think about it, I would have been far too slow.

Your unconscious mind scans your world for threats. One of the purposes of mind training is to teach it what threats are real and what you can release. If you have a phobia of dogs, then something inside registers a pampered poodle as a danger. Same with public speaking – it’s something harmless that’s considered a threat.

You can unlearn these.

When you train your mind, it frees you to be happier and safer.

If you want some excellent mind training that fuses hypnosis and meditation, then follow the link below. The monthly subscription is like belonging to a gym, only you gain new exercises every month.

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