When you’re stuck – really stuck – this is what you need

If things are feeling a little stale, stagnant and stuck for you, it usually doesn’t take much to fix it.

A little extra sleep, exercise and some uplifting music could do the trick.

Or whatever it takes to get your mind moving again.

If you’re fairly stuck, you might need something drastic.

A new hobby, a new career, a new philosophy on life.

Or even better – some deep, internal work will clear the blockages.

But what if you’re really stuck?

So trapped, each day is a struggle.

What then?

Well, if it’s that bad, I’d say see a medical professional. You might have something big going on.

If you’ve done that, then what I’d say is this:

Do something simple.

If you’re that stuck, it’s probably all you can psych yourself up for anyway. And that’s fine. Any change in the right direction is great.

Lots of little changes can make a real difference, but there’s no need to think about that now. Simply take a step forward. Do something – anything – right by you.

Maybe you can control everything in your life when you decide to be okay. Maybe that’s just out of reach right now. Either way, you can make a change for the better, right now, even if you’re bed-ridden.

That’s what I like about Three-score Navike – it has 60 such steps.

Sure, some are a little more complex than the others.

But all are things you can begin now – or, at least, soon.

And with that many to choose from, the odds of finding a few that work for you are on your side.

Let this be the first step – investing in your ability to take the next steps:


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