Where better sleep is a side effect

When I began testing the Neural Reset on myself – learning at the feet of some geniuses of the mind – I had all sorts of grand intentions.

I was hoping it would supercharge my ability to focus, give me greater control over my body and help keep my emotions balanced.

It did all of that, and more.

This was no miracle cure. I still use it on myself because I still need it. But I’ve come so far since where I started, I barely recognise my reflection.

It took (and takes) time and dedication to get here.

But what struck me is how quickly some side effects appeared.

Like a deep feeling of bliss.

And, as the title of this article suggests, a great night’s sleep.

Now, that’s not a guaranteed result. I still have the occasional bad night.

But, boy, do I sleep well – and the more I do things like the Neural Reset, the better I tend to sleep.

I just find it funny. It’s not something I was chasing, but I’m sure happy to have it.

If you’d like to experience the benefits too – again, this isn’t an insomnia cure, but you never know – then I recommend wriggling on through to this page:


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