Who misses the point? Yes, they do

Yesterday I saw a video from the World Health Organisation start with this:

“We are 8 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and we understand that people are tired and yearn to get on with their lives, but no country can just pretend the pandemic is over.”

It then launches into a list of things countries and individuals must do – which, of course, is more lockdown, fear the world, and don’t kill everyone which you’re gonna do because, hey, virus.

And they wonder why folks are pushing back…

“We understand that people are tired” is up there with “I’m sorry that you’re upset”.

There’s no thanking everyone for doing the right thing.

No call to arms, to push on through and fight for the greater good.

No plan beyond “keep suffering, thanks”.

And there’s no sympathy for anyone hurt by their advice.

If you support WHO and their stance on this, you should be horrified. Ignoring the real concerns caused by their advice is why people ignore it.

Whether they mean to or not, they frame it in black-and-white, us-versus-them thinking. The virus is still a thing, therefore your urge to live your life is irrelevant.

And if you happen to think the lockdowns cause more damage than they prevent?

Then this is just insulting.

But, hey, I’m not surprised.

Once more, they call on the world to fight the virus without offering any support, like sending soldiers off to war without boots or bullets.

It turns out that folks fight better, no matter the cause, when you support them through it.

Enter, me.

While the governments keep telling you endure the crisis, let me give you the tools to do so.

Whether you’re happy to wait it out or you’re ready to start living again, these handy resources will help you, starting now:


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