Why anxiety is partying it up right now

Folks say there’s a lot of fear going around right now. They’re right… but what most of us are feeling isn’t fear.

Fear is a natural response to a specific, immediate danger. Think of seeing a tiger lurking in the grass. It charges up your body and mind to prepare for action.

Dread is useful (although unpleasant) when something terrifying is coming up. Think of the moment before you wander in to tiger territory.

They are your mind preparing you for a specific challenge.

Anxiety, though?

Anxiety doesn’t have a specific target. It’s a general sense of fear that lingers, permeating into the background of your life.

It fires you up for a threat that isn’t in the room… or the next one over. If you’re worrying about whether you’ll fall sick or how to pay the bills, this is what I mean.

I know how draining this can be – to always feel on edge, not able to properly relax and enjoy a moment.

And while it can energise you into action, your anxiety probably stopped being useful a long time ago.

Now the only question is:

What are you going to do about it?

If you’re serious about settling your mind, calming your nerves and releasing anxiety’s grip on you, then listen up. Over three sessions, my Alleviate Anxiety program will change how you respond to threats – both real and imagined.

It’s time to replace what you’re doing with a healthier approach.

By combining a targeted solution for the root causes of anxiety with useful coping strategies, you can rid yourself of anxiety’s influence. Free yourself and rest assured that you can handle anything that comes up in the future.

If that sounds like what you need, the book yourself in for the first session at this link here:


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