Why Hypnotic Resistance is Nothing to Brag About

Why Hypnotic Resistance is Nothing to Brag About

I like to think of certain activities as hypnotic habits. These actions, when done regularly, leave you more open to hypnotic experiences.

It gives the process a little boost, whether you’re the hypnotist or subject.

If you do these regularly, it can make you hypnotic… whether or not you intend to be. Even if you don’t have an inch of training.

And it works the other way. Someone hypnotising you will be able to send you into deeper trances more easily.

Some of you might be wondering why on Earth you’d want this. I know, because you’ve bragged to me about how resistant to hypnosis you are. You’re tough, strong and always in control.

Strength is a virtue. But being “too mentally strong” to be hypnotised is nothing to brag about. It doesn’t even make sense.

When a hypnotist stands in front of you and says just the right words to send you into a trance, your conscious mind tumbling through the recesses of your memories and imagination, facing down the origins of your fears and skills…

Well, that takes strength. It takes courage to be that open and to face your own weaknesses. This, after all, is the only way to leave your comfort zone and become better.

When someone crows about being resistant to hypnosis, the image that comes to mind isn’t flattering. It makes me think of someone living in a bunker who gets supplies delivered by drones. They never have to go outside or interact with anyone.

If you somehow asked them what makes them live this way, they say that it’s so they never have to fall in love.

That’s honestly how I see it. If you like thinking that you’re unhypnotisable, it’s the same as being incapable of love. Or fun.

If you don’t want to ‘lose control’, then I’d worry more about marketing and socialising than hypnosis. Because, to be honest, you’re a lot more open to influence than you think. And that’s something worth celebrating. All those times that you were persuaded to overcome a problem…

Or influenced to buy something enriching…

Or thought of a great idea and pursued it…

Being willing to embrace a new thought made you stronger. Unless you already have all the answers you’ll ever need, hypnotic resistance is a character flaw.

Now, some people are more open to hypnotic suggestions than others. I won’t deny that. What’s also true is that you can train in this skill and get better at it.

You can become more susceptible to good ideas and resistant to bad ones.

When you do, it’s like supercharging your creativity and critical thinking. All the ideas you need are already floating in your world. It only takes you to recognise them and pursue them.

If you want to get started, I recommend hypnotic guided meditations. All you have to do is sit there and listen, and you’ll practice opening up to new concepts.

Is it the best way to enrich your mind? It might be. All I know is that it’s the easiest.

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