Why I look forward to you failing

Sometimes, clients I see achieve incredible, instant and permanent results.

They immediately make the change that was so difficult before. They learn to relax, they quit smoking, they overcome anxiety – end of story.

When that happens, it’s great for everyone. They get what they want and I can focus on the next thing.

I don’t aim for that, though.

I assume there’ll be setbacks.

Times when the change falls apart.

For one thing, it sets a more realistic expectation. How many folks quit smoking, then never smoke again? Not many – more will relapse here and there.

And that’s okay.

In fact, that’s part of the process.

Knowing you can handle setbacks is better than not experiencing them, like learning how to make money is better than being rich.

Take smokers, for example. I hear this story all the time: they quit for about six months, then light up in a moment of weakness. Then they decide that this means they’re no longer a non-smoker, so they start smoking again.

Bah – you’re allowed to succumb to temptation here and there. You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed, feel anxiety or smoke a single cigarette.

This is how you build real change.

By managing yourself at these moments, you can experience them less. Like a tree, you grow taller by growing deeper.

That’s why, in my programs, I not only hypnotically install more useful mental habits into your unconscious – I bolster you against the moments when you slip. If you never need to know how to bounce back, great. If you do, then it can stop you from sliding back into old habits.

It’s also why my programs have such robust guarantees. If you find yourself needing some assistance years later, then you’ll get it as part of the program.

When you leave a session with me, your mind clear and your energies flowing, it can feel great.

That feeling can stay with you for a long time.

If it fades, though, it’s good to know your changes will carry on anyway.

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