Why I play in the affirmation space

Like so many of the things that appeal to the woo-woo, New Age, follow-your-bliss crowds, I find affirmations curious.

There’s a nugget of truth in them.

If you know how to use them – or you get lucky with them – they work.

Most folks don’t do either of those. Most folks post a photo of a sunrise on Facebook with some dorky, boring caption.

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not try!”

Yeah yeah yeah. It’s good advice, but it’s not helpful. If it were, you would have listened to it the first time.

Your mind is subtle and complicated. That means writing down your vision a thousand times a day might work for you, but it probably won’t.

The true forms of affirmations are subtle and complicated too. They take effort, thinking and discipline to use.

That’s how you know they work.

With Affirmation Bivouac, you’ll learn:

  • The annoying thing politicians do that’s essential for affirmation success,
  • How a bane of medical research is your secret weapon towards transformation,
  • The surprisingly surreal breathing technique that crams weeks of affirmation practice into half an hour,
  • Ways to use an arbitrary social convention to keep affirmations fresh and interesting,
  • A simple way to enhance your affirmations’ power while alleviating your boredom of them,
  • The hypnotic origins of affirmations and how to hypnotise yourself daily into success,
  • How your mind is like a guitar – and how to play it,
  • The basic grammar principles of affirmations (which aren’t the same as how you speak),
  • What compels folks to spend fortunes and decades building a life they hate – and how to avoid doing the same,
  • Why using affirmations isn’t taking the easy way out,
  • The word that almost never shows up in an affirmation,
  • What stops you from feeling happy, no matter your circumstances,
  • The ways affirmations are like movies,
  • How to hallucinate your future into existing,
  • The frustrating and demoralising corporate cliché you should do to yourself every day,
  • How affirmations don’t work for most folks who try them – and what to do to make them work for you,
  • Psychological profiling tactics that show you what you really want, not what you think you want,
  • The unconscious logic behind confidence – and how to cultivate it,
  • What affirmations have in common with Norse mythology,
  • How to avoid ‘the dating app trap’ in your career and love-life,
  • The crucial difference between a real affirmation and an empty wish,
  • How to lie to yourself – and get away with it – to change your life,
  • Ways to use the Moon and dice to stop affirmations getting boring,
  • The reason so many rich folks still feel and act poor,
  • Why “it’s the journey, not the destination” is wrong,
  • How to cultivate inner trust, so your mind listens when you ask it to do something,
  • What stops new knowledge and new skills translating into new results,
  • Why dating someone who isn’t your type can help you find true love (whether or not it’s them),
  • When stubbornness is the best approach,
  • Affirmation strategies that prevent you becoming discouraged or bored with them,
  • A simple secret to chasing your dreams without risking it all,
  • The reasons affirmations ‘don’t work’ – and what you can do about it,
  • What makes writing an affirmation harder than you might expect (and how to make it easy),
  • Why positive language is more important than positive thinking,
  • How to stay motivated, even after the excitement wears off,
  • Ways to stay flexible and adaptive, despite having firm goals,
  • Why I struggled to write (or even think) a simple, four-word phrase,
  • What makes suffering easier than changing,
  • Nine hypnotic ways to change even your most stubborn thoughts,
  • The only essential ingredient in affirmations… that’s missing from most of them.

Check out Affirmation Bivouac – my tough, ruthless and effective guide to affirmations – here:


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