Why I was wrong about Monster Mind Edukaré

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ll have heard me spruik Monster Mind Edukaré – an in-depth, comprehensive mind training program that takes you from where you are to being an expert at meditation, self-hypnosis and a few other delightful skills.

With that, your mind can only grow stronger.

And you may have heard me tell you about how it works.

Under the old system, you pay for Edukaré once… and receive any new modules for free. Everyone else would have to pay extra, as the price would rise with every addition.

But then I realised that’s not the right call.

Edukaré is already expensive. This ain’t your typical pocket-change eLearning course – this goes in deep and hard. If you can’t first sacrifice your wallet, you won’t be the sort who sacrifices their time later.

So, yes, it’s unapologetically expensive… but that’s no reason to make it more so.

Besides, I’m creating a lot of content these days. Even if only a fraction of it ends up in Edukaré, that’s going to create a… well, a monster of a price tag.

I’ve decided to tweak that slightly.

Instead of adding modules and jacking up the price…

… I’m going to add modules for a short amount of time.

Then end result is the same: if you buy early, you get every future bonus at no extra cost.

Only now, if you delay, instead of getting all that for a higher price… you’ll miss out on the bonus modules forever.

Procrastination was never your friend. Now, it’s an even greater enemy.

With this, I have good news, monster hunters:

The first such bonus is up and ready for you right now.

Waking Dreaming: A Manual is my next, currently unpublished book. It covers, in precise and actionable detail, a specific self-hypnosis technique I’ve played with for a while.

Think of it like daydreaming, only without limits. After all, you can’t imagine yourself into better habits, more charisma and better health.

With Waking Dreaming, you can.

And it’s not just a happiness or relaxation technique – though it’s amazing at both of those, too. I’ve used it to:

  • Create new ideas for books, products and services,
  • Cultivate the motivation, focus and energy to create them,
  • Improve my skills in hypnosis, profiling, writing and more,
  • Receive insights from my unconscious on how to resolve problems,
  • Choose the best option when dealing with uncertainty,
  • Even numb pain and discomfort, with nothing except my thoughts.

And the best part?

Waking Dreaming is fun.

I’d do this even if it had no benefit. I might even do it even if it were bad for me.

But it gets better.

This special, pre-release, Edukaré-only version has exclusive bonus chapters, demonstrating:

  • An almost-foolproof technique for entering the Waking Dreaming state,
  • A strange way to overcome insomnia,
  • Ways to boost your memory by giving old techniques a new twist,
  • A fun, quick and easy way to make the best decisions of your life with confidence, and
  • An intriguing “hack” for gaining the benefits of esoteric (and sometimes even fictitious) religious rituals.

But I’d get a wriggle on if I were you.

This bonus will only be available for less than three days from when I sent this.

Snoozers are losers and will miss out forever.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing Edukaré, here’s the perfect time:


P.S. To make this decision even easier, I’m knocking $61 off the price during this window. This is the best time to buy it you’ll come across in a while. Use the code DREAM at the checkout – only valid while this complimentary copy of Waking Dreaming: A Manual is live.

P.P.S. Make sure you download the bonus content ASAP. It’ll disappear from your list of content when the deadline hits.

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