Here’s why problems stick around (and what to do about them)

Take a moment to think about a problem in your life:

Maybe you could use more money, more freedom, more love or more smiles.

Now, some of that problem comes from your circumstances. A lack of money, for example, might be because you had an amazing job and now you don’t.

Having said that…

If you’re honest with yourself – and I mean brutally, painfully honest – you’ll see there’s something you’re doing to keep the problem alive.

Am I blaming the victim here? Or am I just stating the plain facts – there’s something you’re doing, or not doing, that ensures the problem continues?

I doubt you’re choosing to do this. No one wants to have these sorts of struggles. But there’s something you do, something that’s not a choice but is still within your control, to create and recreate this problem.


If you’re chronically single, maybe you go to the wrong places, say the wrong things, treat people the wrong way or give off the wrong subtle cues.

If you knew exactly what was holding you back, you could change it tomorrow and instantly improve your situation.

This is how you resolve problems – by thinking and acting differently about them.

So there’s my first claim: you’re keeping your problems alive.

My second claim?

Those problems are actually solutions to other problems.

Some of you, having read this far, are feeling weirdly angry right now. Not most of you, but some. All of us can improve our situation by taking new actions. The angrier you are, the bigger the changes you can make right now.

Going back to our example:

It’s common for folks to strike out in love because they come across as anxious. Timidity is not an attractive quality, no matter your gender or orientation. Sure, some folks like bold and brash personalities, while others prefer the quieter type… but either way, anxiety isn’t attractive.

So if it’s keeping you single, your anxiety – something you’re doing – is a problem.

But it’s also a solution.

A solution to what?

Maybe as a child you were bullied, or worse. Whenever you spoke up for yourself, someone used to punish you somehow.

If you think about a typical playground, that happened a lot.

So being a little reserved kept you safe back then.

That’s not a problem you face any more. As an adult, the world is more likely to reward courage than meekness.

Even so, this is a solution to a problem you once had.

And that’s why it’s so hard to shake.

Your unconscious mind wants to protect you. It still assumes the old problems are still valid threats, so its ‘solution’ is still what you need.

When you try to force your way around that problem – by acting tough and dressing sharp, even as you quake inside – your unconscious fights back to protect you.

That’s one of the many reasons hypnosis is so powerful.

It doesn’t force anything. Instead, it engages with your problem on the level it operates – your unconscious.

That’s how it leads to real solutions – ones that work with your life now.

It’s how you can change everything.

If you want to experience that, I offer a range of hypnotic solutions to your unconscious struggles.

Here’s a quick overview of them:

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