Will your eulogy be worth hearing?

Do you have a sense that you’re capable of more?

That you have untapped potential lying in your mind?

You see glimpses of it sometimes in those moments where you’re composed, focused, powerful and creative.

A hint of who you truly are.


It vanishes.

And you go back to being who you were, with all those limitations and frustrations.

It can get so bad some folk stop believing they have any potential.

That they’ve “peaked”.

I can’t imagine anything more horrible than thinking it doesn’t get better than this.

But knowing that it does and not knowing how to get there is rough too.

You can almost see yourself being lowered into your grave, with the eulogy covering nothing worth hearing.

Just another life over, cut well short of what you could have achieved.

What you could have become.

I’ve spent most of my life grappling with this pain – this fear.

Trying to figure out what it means, what to do about it and – above all – how to become a greater person.

How to take those moments where you’re smarter, emotionally balanced, creative, productive, charismatic, driven and everything else worth being.

How to make those your normal way of being.

Then how to activate the next level of your potential.

That’s why I created Monster Mind Edukaré – to give you the same tools I used to finally end the struggle and start growing. I’ve combined a lot of bleeding edge psychology into it, to bypass what you think your limits are and to access your glorious, bright inner resources.

You could think of this is a shortcut.

But I wouldn’t think of this as ‘easy’ – given the default path is years of hypnotherapy, living with the shaman of a jungle tribe or joining a monastic order in the Himalayas.

It takes the right tools and a lot of discipline to change your mind like this. I’ll provide the tools if you provide the discipline.

Trust me, though – working through this is much easier than living as you are, knowing you can and should be more.

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P.S. you have about 24 hours, give or take, from when I posted this. After that, the discount period ends and the price goes up by $100. No excuses or extensions, so if you want this, then get a wriggle on.

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