Are you a wizard, a warlock or a sorcerer?

Are you a wizard, a warlock or a sorcerer?

Confession time! And I warn you, this might shock you:

I am…

*clears throat*

Gee, this is hard to admit.

I am, in fact, something of a geek.

I know, I know, I can hear you gasping from here.

And a big part of my geekdom is my love of Dungeons & Dragons. In D&D lore, some of the mightiest spellcasters are wizards, warlocks and sorcerers. When they become powerful enough, they can crush armies and even break reality with just a word.

Even so, they are quite different from each other:

Wizards control magic through their book learning. They studied enough that they can use the flows of energy around them. They might be feeble and lacking any natural magic, but they’re smart enough to be dangerous.

Which is a lot like some people I know – dedicated, intelligent and hardworking enough to overcome any natural disadvantages.

Warlocks take a shortcut to magic. They find a patron – a powerful demon or an ancient god, perhaps – who bestows power on them in exchange for something.

Again, this reminds me of real folk. They seek powerful people and do what they can to serve them. It’s the classic mentor-apprentice model.

Sorcerers are different. They have natural connections to magic. It might be in their blood or a random quirk of nature. Their challenge isn’t in finding power but learning to control it.

No surprises, but I see this in people too.

Now, all of these are great strategies for success. Study hard, serve great people and tap into your natural gifts.

I will say this, though:

If you want the quickest, funnest, most positive side effect inducing strategy?

You have to choose sorcerer. Feeling your own power – whether it’s confidence, freedom, energy or anything else – manifest inside your own being…

Well, nothing compares to it.

I don’t believe in magic but tapping into my own resources is the closest I’ve felt to it.

Now, meditation isn’t the only way to find your energy and strength. Some people find it through sport, art, love or service.

The world teems with invitations for you to be more of who you are.

Even so, meditation is a great place to start.

And if you’ve tried meditation and didn’t get the results you wanted?

Well, then this is an even better place to start:

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

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