You only have to work hard on one thing

You only have to work hard on one thing

By now, many people have realised their New Year’s Resolutions were too ambitious. Their changes were too drastic, turning it into more of a wishlist than a set of goals.

Hey, it happens. One of the trickier things with self-improvement is keeping it realistic. It’s easy to dream up amazing things you want. Having a plan to get them is harder.

Everyone wants more of the good things. Happiness, love, charisma, success – which is your desire? Maybe you chose all of them.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you of the “evils” of desire. Desire is awesome but if you meditation long enough, you’ll either discover the truth of that for yourself or you won’t. Either way, me telling you isn’t going to help things.

Instead, I’ll tell you something much better.

You could focus on each of those things you want. Or you could master one thing and let them all fall into place.

Because those things that you want more of?

Meditation will help.

You’ll unlock greater energy, creativity, serenity and anything else you decide to want. Best of all, it’s easy. It’s as easy as closing your eyes.

Now, when I say ‘easy’, that assumes that you’re meditating regularly. That part takes discipline. Keep it up because here comes yet another benefit of the practice.

If you do it right, meditation becomes the key to creating more of anything you want. It’s not a matter of simply clearing your mind – there’s a specific technique that builds optimism, confidence, focus, charisma or anything else you want.

I call it the lazy way to unlock your resources. It’s not something I hear mentioned often – either other meditation coaches keep it to themselves or don’t know about it.

I show you how to do it, though – and dozens of other cool things with meditation.

Instead of splitting your focus, learn the one thing that enables all others here:

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