The Greatest Challenge In A World Of Jerks

Wow, the world can be a tough place, huh? It’s full of folk who seem to sleepwalk through life. They never stop to think about what they do, or why, or what they could be doing instead.

And so many of them are jerks about – in person, online or both. It’s like they’re taking out their frustrations, inadequacies and limitations on everyone around them.

If only they got to the real heart of their issues, right?

It makes it hard to get along in a world like this, I know.

Even so, it’s more than worth the effort.

My challenge to you – and it might be the greatest challenge of all – is to be kind to everyone.

Yes, everyone. Including that person who popped into your mind – the one who’ll be really difficult to be kind to.

Now, before we go on, here’s what I’m not saying:

I’m not saying welcome everyone into your home or life.

I’m not saying find everyone who did you wrong and let them off the hook.

Kindness is all about you.

Here’s an example of this in action.

When someone cuts you off in traffic or does something reckless behind the wheel, it’s natural to feel tense in the moment.

Once that moment passes and you know you’re safe, what happens then? Do you huff and curse and belittle the other driver?

If so, you’re not alone.

An alternative strategy, though:

Forgive them and be kind.

After all, they must be dealing with something themselves to be so reckless. Maybe they had a terrible night’s sleep. Perhaps no one taught them how to act in a civilised society. Either way, that’s a shame for them.

A more serious example: someone lies to your face for weeks, only to steal a huge sum of money from you.

It’s natural to be furious with them.

I recommend seeking justice if you can, and eliminating them from your life if not.

But better than anger is kindness. Because what sort of person would do something like that? A sociopath, a loser, someone who can only survive at the expense of others.

I bet no one has shown them much kindness in life. Even sociopaths learn to play nice once someone teaches them how.

That might not be your role in life.

But for less serious offenders – the minor insults and hassles we experience every day – maybe it can be.

Everyone is the hero of their own story, even when they do the wrong thing. If you peel back the surface, they’ll have a reason why they did what they did.

Meet that with kindness (and strength – no one says you have to be a pushover) and you invite folk to be better versions of themselves.

And they’ll love you for it.

It ain’t easy – believe me.

But the benefits to you and everyone around you are astronomical.

Forget all that and give it a go. This simple habit could be the one that changes your life forever.

So that’s one way to enhance your life.

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Like, say, 60 of them?

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