Worried about getting stuck in trance? Here’s how you get out of it

Worried about getting stuck in trance? Here’s how you get out of it

I was recently watching the Monde Tapes. Well, rewatching. If you’ve never seen them (or heard of them), it’s an old video of Milton Erickson – probably the greatest hypnotist who ever lived – as he hypnotises a woman named Monde.

Since watching someone being hypnotised is hypnotic, I was deep into a trance.

How deep?


My eyes locked halfway between open and closed.

My left hand stuck to my chin.

As for my right hand, it floated in space – somehow both paralysed and alive with energy.

Erickson’s just getting warmed up. He’s guiding Monde through a few childhood memories and is about to start on the next one.


The internet dies. The video suddenly stops streaming.

There I am, deeper in trance than most people ever go, and suddenly there’s no more hypnotist.

People worry about this. What happens if the hypnotist leaves you in there? What if they have a heart attack? Will you be stuck like that?


Because here are some ways of getting out of it.

You might go from being in a trance to drifting off to sleep. That’s a nice way of leaving the trance, as that sleep will be wonderfully refreshing.

You might naturally return from the trance, like easing yourself out of a daydream.

Or maybe you snap out of it suddenly the moment you realise the hypnotist is gone.

Those are the easy ways.

Here’s the better way:

I rode that trance deeper. Opened my eyes. Returned my hands to conscious control.

Fired up a word processor and started writing this.

Because the best way to leave a pleasant trance is to not leave it.

And with that, as I write this, the trance is beginning to recede. And how nice – I have about 300 fresh words to play with, all written easily and without interference.

That’s a nice way to do things.

You can learn how to do this too. It’s simple enough once you know how to deepen, alter and control your trance experiences.

With or without a hypnotist.

That’s the real power of self-hypnosis, which you can learn right here:


Photo by
Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

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