Yes, hypnosis will work for you

Say someone comes to you with this:

“I want to automate some of my budgeting. Can learning computer programming help with that?”

You say that it can.

“But what about if I want to automate my schedule? Will it help then?”

Yes, yes it will.

“Okay, but what if I want to automatically clean up and convert some data?”

… yes.

“But what about-“

Does your question involve computers? Then the answer is yes.

I don’t think computer scientists have to deal with this.

Hypnotists do, though. We get all sorts of questions like this. Hell, half the hypnosis subreddit is asking whether hypnosis will help with their issue.

“Can hypnosis help with my anxiety?”

Yes, yes it can.

“But can it help with my lack of focus?”

Yeah, that too.

“But what about-“

Does your question involve the brain? Then the answer is yes.

Hypnosis doesn’t let you ‘reprogram’ folks. If you have an unwanted process running on your computer, the Task Manager can kill it. You can change a computer’s settings quickly, easily and precisely. If you’ve had a mind for at least a few years, you know that changing it isn’t like this.

So the analogy between hypnosis and software isn’t great.

But there’s one parallel I like:

With enough programming talent, you can change anything about how your computer performs.

With the right hypnotic experience, you can change anything about how your brain performs.

In both cases, some changes are quicker and easier than others.

And you’ll be surprised by how simple it is to drastically improve your life.

So stop asking if hypnosis can help with your issue. You’re not some special case, no matter how unique your issue is.

That’s not to say that every hypnotist can help you. Some only work with PTSD or women or high performance. Not every hypnotist knows how to work with someone with ADHD or autism.

But can hypnosis help you?

If you want to think better, feel better, respond better and act better, then yes.

Anything in your mind is fair game.

It’s smart to do your research.

But at some point, you have to stop asking if computers use electricity and get to typing already.

Since hypnosis can help you, what are you waiting for?

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