How You Already Have a Photographic Memory

When you think of someone with a photographic memory, you think of a walking encyclopedia.

They can recall everything they’ve seen, heard or read.

They can count cards, memorise information at a glance and recall it all in an instant.

You’re probably not like that, exactly. But you are a little like that, because there are places, events and facts you can recall with perfect clarity.

It’s like the time I wanted to construct a memory palace. A memory palace is a place you know well in your mind – somewhere you can wander about in your imagination. By placing objects in this space, you can set reminders for yourself. When you walk the rooms again later, these objects remind you of what you want to recall.

Most, if not all memory athletes use some form of memory palace.

For some reason, the place that came to mind was my grandparents’ home. I don’t know why but I can describe all of it. I know the shape of each room and what’s inside. The backyard, the garden, the trees, the garage – I can see, smell and hear all of it.

It’s like a virtual reality tour – crystal clear imagery, no matter what direction you turn.

And it’s a funny thing. I was never in this home by myself. Even so, that’s how I remember it – a loving, empty building for me to explore.

Perfect for a memory palace.

And for so much more.

How much more?

Well, you could learn stuff quicker and easier.

Or you could use it to solve crimes.

You can read all about it in Everyday Hypnosis:

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