You, as a pretentious novel

They say there are three kinds of novel:

Man vs Man – where people outwit and outshoot each other.

Man vs Nature – where, like, a tiger eats your face or something.

Man vs Self – probably translated from Russian.

Most books are of the first variety. Whether you’re reading action, romance or anywhere in between, it’ll involve conflict between multiple characters.

The others are pretentious.

Yeah, yeah, Moby Dick is a classic. It’s also an exception… unless even it’s not.

It’s hard to write a tale where the drama comes from a ‘character’ without intelligible motivations.

Anyway, sometimes it can feel like you’re living at the pretentious end of the books.

When your life feels like a battle against yourself.


You want to be fit and trim, then you eat ice cream.

You want to find love, but you don’t put yourself out there.

There’s a dream in your heart, but you don’t pursue it.

I know how that feels.

I also know that’s wrong. You’re not battling yourself. Yes, it can feel like there are parts of you pulling you in opposite directions. No organism works against itself so obviously, though.

There is no civil war in your mind and there’s no self-sabotage.

All there is are suboptimal strategies.

How do you resolve this seeming conflict and install better ways of doing things?

It’s not by forcing it or finding more information. If either worked, you would have fixed it by now.

It comes from working on the level of the problem – your unconscious mind.

That’s where I come in.

Sign up for a Consultation at the link below. It’s free, for a certain definition of the term. Sound weasely? Maybe. But I promise this – whether you sign up for a session or not, it won’t cost you anything in the long run.

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