You can’t force the simple life

Do you dream of packing it all in and moving to the country?

Maybe somewhere warm, close to the beach?

Somewhere without the internet, maybe even mobile reception?

And somewhere without germ-laden crowds?

I get it. Your enthusiasm for traffic, noise, drab offices, poor circulation and low-grade coffee degrades after the first decade or so.


What if it bores you?

What if you find you like the conveniences of the city?

This is the problem with a sea change. Your wholesome self might embrace it, while your materialistic self struggles against it.

You probably get used to it in time.

Or you might resent the move and head back.

But here’s the thing – your material self lies to you. It says you need things to be happy – that you need 5G internet, fine dining, fashion boutiques and zoos.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating these things… unless they trap you in a job you hate so you can afford them.

If materialism is your prison, you bust out by focusing the other way. Some folk say this ‘other way’ is the spiritual side of life. That’s a loaded term though – if it works for you, great. If not, think of it as the mental side of things.

You can experience richer joys through training your mind than through any external experience.

No one can take your mind from you.

And when you can appreciate something as simple as a beautiful tree, those things like lavish dinners and high-speed internet become even more satisfying. You simply no longer need them to be happy.

There’s my take on it. Take my take or leave it.

A child can appreciate the simple pleasures. As we grow older, we learn to forget that and to crave possessions and fleeting experiences.

But you can reset that programming, taking your materialistic self back to a simpler time.

That’s one of the possible benefits of the Neural Reset:

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