Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

Why you don’t hate anyone and you never have

I’ve been dabbling in metta meditation recently. I haven’t changed my opinion – also known as lovingkindness meditation, it remains one of the finest things you can do with your mind. The results you can get in just a few weeks are indescribable.

If you did nothing else – no self-hypnosis, no other meditation – you’d become a happier, healthier, amazing person in a few months.

I should know. After a recent revelation with it, I’ve felt pretty amazing.

The culmination of metta meditation is when you wish good things for your enemies. You certainly don’t start there. You practice expressing pure, selfless, benevolent kindness to people you like. When you can do that, you move onto strangers. Only then do you dip your toes in loving your enemies.

It’s a strange idea to many people, especially in the West. I don’t know why. It’s nothing Jesus didn’t also say, even as he was being executed.

I think it’s because people get the wrong idea with it.

Loving your enemies doesn’t mean you forgive their actions, bake them a cake and invite them into your life. True forgiveness means you never think about them again, which is the only way to free yourself.

You don’t express lovingkindness for them. You do it for you.

Now, I mentioned a revelation above. Here it is.

In my recent dabbling, I thought of people I hated. Some were people who were cruel to me. Others committed violence against innocent people. None are people, even now, who I’d choose to spend time with.

My epiphany was I wasn’t mad at my enemies – I was mad at myself. With everyone I hated, I was furious for being weak enough to be the victim. Even with the violent person, I was mostly mad I couldn’t prevent it.

“Um, nah, I’m actually mad at my enemies.” Sure, I get it. If you think that way, though, you’re trapped. You think your anger points outwards but it never does.

I’m not talking out of my butt here. Survivors of childhood abuse or domestic violence often hate their enemies. They also feel mad at themselves for being powerless in the situation – even if they were a toddler at the time. Or they feel guilty for being a victim.

Life is hard and some people are terrible. The only way to free yourself from monsters is to heal your emotional state.

Monks don’t walk around cursing the person who harmed them. They remain centred, balanced and calm.

You might not believe me about anger and hatred. Or you might consciously believe me while still running the old thought routines. I get it because I’ve been there. Once you change, though, you’ll realise how much you were limiting yourself.

It’s not your fault.

As of now, you know how to change.

If change is too hard… well, I’ve been there too.

Let me offer a helping hand. You can begin learning this mental skill almost immediately.


A hypnotic guided metta meditation is just one of the dozens of audios I offer to Awakened Thought members.

And audios are just one part of the package.

It all becomes clear once you keep reading:


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