Making your background work for you

Most of us have some sort of internal dialogue, running most of the time.

The mindfulness meditation approach involves eliminating that voice, if only for a moment.

Honestly, that’s a great strategy. The dialogue is distracting at best.

And if you study mental health issues, you see how bad it is at its worst. Some of the darkest, most destructive actions come from folk listening to their own dialogue.

It’s not just background thoughts, though – it’s background anything.

Like the music you listen to, your commute, your office, the way other folk look at you – it all plays a role in how you think and act.

Some of that background stuff is even hypnotising you.

And by ‘some’, I mean ‘a lot’.

Your brain wants to enter hypnosis. It craves it. And society has gotten very good at putting you into a trance all the time.

Is that a good thing, a bad thing, or what?

Trances, like all useful tools, are as good as how you use them.

Treat them carelessly and they’re terrible for you.

Learn how to ride that wave, though?

Then they’re nothing short of amazing.

Fortunately, it’s easy to spot when you’re in a trance.

And just as easy to hijack it.

All you need to know are the 11 signs you’re in a trance right now.

Self-hypnosis is easy when the world does all the work of hypnotising you.

How can you learn to spot and use these signs?

Module 7 of 19 of Monster Mind Edukaré covers everything you need to know. It’s a story-laden, practical guide into the true nature of your unconscious mind.

You can wrap your fingers around it here:

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