Your personal sun-god

It’s funny how many people think in similar ways.

Like when they’re in a trance and I ask their unconscious mind for a symbol – something to represent all the amazing chances they’ve gone through. Often, these symbols are one of three things:

Something to do with rocks.

Something to do with water.

Or a bright ball of light, like the sun.

That last one is really common.

And why not, right? The sun is phenomenal. It’s a nuclear explosion so massive that its gravity keeps it from blasting everywhere.

It created the world, sort of, and it sustains most of the life on this planet.

With all that light and heat, why wouldn’t it be such a common symbol for people? It’s like having your own personal sun-god – all you have to do is think about it and it fills you with energy, confidence and focus.

But maybe that’s not for you.

Maybe you hate the sun, like some pale, blind cavefish.

Or maybe your unconscious doesn’t present symbols like this.

Only one way to find out, right?

Either way, you’ll still get the results you want.

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