Your problems are like ants

This analogy might be stretching it.

Or it might be the most apt thing I’ve ever penned…

We’ll see, won’t we?

Let’s say you have ants in your kitchen. These aren’t the angry, bitey kind. They’re small, negligible, harmless.

Most of the time, you don’t even notice they’re there.

When you do, you want them gone – and fair enough, too.

Now, ants can be persistent. They can hide in cracks and crevices. They can disappear for days at a time, only to rear their mandibles once again…

Talk about a nuisance, right?

Except they are tiny, pitiful things against your full majesty.

You can crush them without even a thought – sometimes by accident.

And against even a fraction of all the tools and power you, as a human, can access?

No colony can survive a day against that.

Or even an hour.

So how do ants persist, survive or even thrive in your home?

Because you don’t bring your power against them.

You can’t be bothered or you’ll get around to it or it’s no big deal.

Thus, the insignificant problem endures.

This, as the title of this article suggests, is an analogy. Or maybe a simile, I suppose.

Your problems are miniscule compared to your power.

Yes, even the ones that seem overwhelming. Your miseries, your grief, your fear – if you even suspected what you’re really capable of, you would agree with me here.

You have the power to crush these problems.

If you doubt me, I can probably guess why:

You tried to fight your problem and it won.

You committed to quitting smoking, alleviating anxiety, processing your grief and trauma… but it persisted.

How can I claim you’re practically a god compared to your problems… if you fought your problems and lost?

A human can fight these ants and lose.

They might write a strongly worded cease and desist to the colony.

They might board up a few of the bigger cracks.

The ants might find the human in the kitchen, hurling threats and obscenities to them.

If you misapply your power, the ants can win, sure.

But when you fight them on their level, they stand no chance.

This is what happens when you tell yourself “no more cake!”… only to cave when the dessert menu comes around.

That conviction and that command came from your conscious mind… and went straight to your conscious mind.

But that’s not where your cake cravings come from.

Those reside in your unconscious.

To beat them, you have to apply your energies there.

That’s where hypnosis comes into it. They take your conscious desires and translate them into unconscious commands.

Anything else is like sticking a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign in your kitchen. It might feel satisfying, but it doesn’t do anything.

Real action leads to real change, banishing your problems forever.

You can experience hypnosis as simply as following this link and signing up for any session you choose:

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