Your two lockdown duties

When it comes to the present situation, there are two duties on your shoulders.

You don’t have to do both. Maybe you can only manage one – or maybe only one is relevant to you.

I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

The first obligation is, as always, to look after yourself.

Making sure you’re rested, money is coming in, your children are being educated and your sanity is surviving this.

I’m not suggesting you abandon altruism or do unethical things to make money. Kind of the opposite – you can only help others when your cup overfloweth.

Some of you think that’s a no-brainer – but based on how much nonsense I see online, too many of you are squandering your time, energy and well-being arguing over 5G or whatever.

And some of you will say that’s impossible. If your industry is all wrapped up right now, how can you do that?

I never said it would be easy or even fair. Most of our obligations in life aren’t. Even so, your choice is to meet them or roll over – and that’s not a choice at all.

The second obligation is to grow through this.

Write a book, learn a new skill, start a business or tune into your unconscious.

Emerge stronger than when you went in.

Want to know how to do this?

Naturally, there are so, so, so many ways.

One quick, easy and reliable way…

… possibly the quickest, easiest and most reliable that’s available to you…

… is to engage my services.

The Neural Reset is great for surviving the tough times.

And for helping you grow. A relaxed and focused nervous system is fertile soil for developing something new.

Or you could jump straight into resolving what’s troubling you:

Finally quit smoking.

Learn how to manage anxiety.

Create a plan for taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

This situation is as big an opportunity as it is a challenge. If you don’t play it right now, who knows when you’ll get the chance to again.

If you want to deeply relax and concentrate – which will help you do whatever else you need to – then find a free timeslot here:

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