If your unconscious mind is on your side, then why isn’t it?

If your unconscious mind is on your side, then why isn’t it?

It’s a strange question, I know, but I can’t help but deal with paradoxes. When you study your unconscious mind, you quickly get used to weirdness.

One piece of weirdness is this:

Your unconscious holds reservoirs of genius, potential, enthusiasm and insights. Sometimes these bubble to the surface – those moments where you surprise yourself, where you transcend your limitations, come from this.

All personal growth and learning happens unconsciously first.

If this is the case, though, why aren’t you awesome 100% of the time?

Your unconscious dishes out your awesomeness in little scoops. But it’s on your side and wants you to succeed – why doesn’t it unleash your full charisma, creativity and intelligence all the time?

There are a few reasons for this.

One thing I like to say is there’s no such thing as a universal virtue. We could all use more confidence and charisma, it’s true… but that’s because we don’t live in tribal gangs or feudal societies. In those situations, standing out and defying your role gets you killed.

Another thing I like to say is your mind is like a tree. Branches can grow in any direction but they can’t grow in every direction. Whether through genetics or upbringing, you learned to bury some of your greatest resources so you could grow in other ways.

But this, I think, is the real truth:

You’re not ready for your full potential.

Imagine someone with social anxiety. A good day for them might be making eye contact and brief small talk with a stranger. If they suddenly became Tony Robbins, that would break them.

You’re not a D&D character – charisma isn’t a stat you can increase in isolation. How you get along with people depends on how you view the universe and yourself. Changing these views too quickly triggers an existential crisis like you wouldn’t believe.

The term ‘existential crisis’ is thrown around too liberally. Forget doubting your life choices – this sort of crisis makes you doubt reality and your grip on it.

So your unconscious protects you from that. You’re better off being a little shy and sane.

Does that mean you’re doomed, with no chance to improve except by going mad?

Of course not. You’ve improved a lot since you were a toddler. And how did you do that?

One of the answers is ‘slowly’.

If you went from age five to 20 overnight, it would snap your mind. Doing it over 15 years, though, isn’t too taxing.

Of course, life is short. How slowly can you afford to improve?

If you’d like to grow faster and in a safe way, you want to learn self-hypnosis. It brings you face to face with your unconscious material. This trains your mind to face your resources better, to learn how to handle your potential and to shape your thinking at a deep level.

If you’re ready to change, you can change quickly. If you need to become ready, it can take years.

Either way, it’s much faster than almost any other way on the planet.

This is personal growth distilled to its essence.

And you can learn the fundamentals, and then some, right here:


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