Is your unconscious a pet, a wild animal or a guru?

Is your unconscious a pet, a wild animal or a guru?

Let’s rap about your unconscious, shall we? Because, as a hypnotist, I talk about it a lot. I’ll say things like I’m talking to your unconscious mind right now, and your unconscious holds the answers you seek.

All of which I firmly believe.

But what on earth do I mean by that?

What is the unconscious mind and what does it do?

And then there’s the question in the headline: is it a pet, a wild animal or a guru?

You probably have a grasp on what your conscious mind is. It’s the part you’re aware of and can control. You could choose, right now, to wriggle in your seat or tilt your head. It’s the inner dialogue you can hear and trust.

Your unconscious is everything else.

This includes your base instincts – like craving food when you’re hungry. And it runs your body, doing things like making your heart thump and your stomach digest.

The animal side of you, in other words.

It also runs your more enlightened self. Those moments where an idea, fully formed, pops into your head? That came from your unconscious mind, which was thinking things through on a level of thought invisible to you.

It’s this voice that tells you exactly what to say to comfort a troubled friend.

And you know you can trust it, deep down.

After all, this voice loves and cares for you. Your unconscious is here to keep you safe.

In that way, it’s like a pet – a simple, adorable animal that loves you completely.

It’s also a wild animal, calculating threats as if you’re wandering the savannahs like our ancestors did.

And it’s a guru, dispensing valuable advice when you’re smart enough to listen.

That’s why I like working with the unconscious. It’s a deep pool of amazing and wonderful things.

And if you’d like to train the pet, tame the beast or consult the guru, then you should learn to speak its language.

It’s easier than you think – and more incredible, too. Just read what a skill like that can do for you now:

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

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