You’re being hypnotised, so you might as well use it

Whether you like it or not, you’re in and out of hypnotic trances all day. The best marketing, public speakers and performers are at least a little hypnotic. After all, trances are about taking you out of your normal thinking. That describes pretty much all communication.

Even without other folk, nature is incredible hypnotic. Try sitting by a peaceful creek without entering at least a light trance.

So if the world is inviting you to enter trance, you can’t fight it.

You can either go with it, or use it.

The goal of my book, Everyday Hypnosis, is to change your thinking on this topic. And, with it, change your thinking on everything else. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change. Those habits, phobias or limitations you’ve had forever can disappear in an instant.

You can grow and change like never before.

That’s what hypnosis truly is – your brain’s mechanism for changing.

And now you know how to use it.

From here, if you use what you’ve learned, everything will change.

And I look forward to you meeting your better self.

Here’s the wrinkle, though:

There’s only one place to get this book. I’ve done you the favour of including it in Monster Mind Edukaré, which means it’s only available with a huge pile of other mind training material.

Because you could learn how to use hypnosis…

Or you could go beyond that and completely enhance the way you engage your mind.

So go beyond now:

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