It could be worse. At least you’re not asbestos

There are two reactions to finding asbestos:

“Get rid of it immediately!”

Or, “it’s okay where it is for now – we’ll get rid of it later.”

Ouch – now that must be tough.

I mean, get this: Asbestos has one job – to stop the spread of fire. Except when a building contains asbestos, it makes it harder for the firies to do their jobs. It can’t even get that right.

No matter how low things get, you’re never that bad. If you sometimes feel worthless, you’re not alone there – but you always matter something to someone.

There’s your dose of saccharine for the day.

But on the topic of useless things that stop you from breathing well:

If you’re sick of smoking, then it’s time to put that behind you. What better way to quit than with guaranteed results from a one-off investment?

For anyone who’s quit smoking for six months only to relapse – again, you’re not alone. That’s why my Freedom from Smoking program carries such a hefty promise. It’ll probably keep you as a non-smoker for life – if I’m wrong on that, I’ll work with you again at no extra cost.

Quitting for a week is almost impossible if you do it wrong.

Quitting for life is easy if you do it right.

So do it right now:

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